Nidec Shimpo VL-Whisper Potter's Wheel

Nidec Shimpo

4.8 out of 5 stars
Nidec Shimpo VL-Whisper Potter's Wheel- Adjustable Legs Extended

By far the quietest potter’s wheel on the market, the Nidec Shimpo VL-Whisper Potter's Wheel is a great choice for the classroom or studio.

It features a direct-drive, belt-less system, brushless 1/2 HP DC motor with a speed range of 0–250 rpm, a two-piece splash pan, and a 14&quot...

Item #: 30040-1001
Description: VL-Whisper Potter's Wheel
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Item Specs

Height23-1/8"59 cm
Width27-1/2"70 cm
Length22-3/4"58 cm
Wheel Head14"36 cm
Centering Capacity100 lb45 kg
Weight122 lb55 kg


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