Montana Acrylic Markers

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Montana Acrylic Markers
Montana Acrylic Markers
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Montana Acrylic Markers feature brilliant, waterbased, pigmented, matte colors that are compatible with and match the colors in the Montana Gold spray paint range. The optimum flow control pump valve system allows accurate handling and application.
The ink in Montana Acrylic Markers is lightfas...

Montana is a trademark.

Item Specs

0.7 mm 0.03 in
2 mm 0.08 in
15 mm 0.6 in
30 mm 1.2 in
50 mm 1.9 in


Refill capacity for the 25ml Refill

  • 0.7mm Marker - Approximately 4 times
  • 2mm Marker - Approximately 2 times
  • 15mm, 30mm & 50mm Markers - Approximately 1 time


Refill capacity for the 180ml Refill

  • 0.7mm Marker - Approximately 22 times
  • 2mm Marker - Approximately 15 times
  • 15mm, 30mm & 50mm Markers - Approximately 6 times


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