Molotow One4All Acrylic Markers and Sets


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Molotow One4All Acrylic Markers - Assorted Colors, 2 mm, Set of 6 (out of package)

Molotow One4All Acrylic Markers — the name stands for versatility and the most innovative, revolutionary paint system in the world. UV-Resistant and lightfast, this highly pigmented, solvent-free hybrid paint covers nearly every indoor or outdoor surface.

One4All markers are highly opaque and ...

™ Molotow is a trademark.

Item Specs

 Extra Fine 1 mm .04"
 Bullet Tip 2 mm .08"
 Bullet Tip 4 mm .16"
 Chisel Tip 4–8 mm .16"–.32"
 Broad Tip 15 mm .6"
 Refill 30 ml 1 oz
 Refill 180ml 6 oz


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