Mijello Ellipse Peel-off Palettes

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Mijello Ellipse Peel-off Palettes are ideal for all media, but their high-impact, non-porous plastic construction makes them particularly suitable for acrylics and oils. Dried paint (even acrylic!) peels away almost like magic, providing you with a clean, fresh palette for every painting session.
These generously sized palettes are ergonomic in design and can be used by either right- or left-handed artists. A deep central well provides a large, uninterrupted area for color mixing, and there is a shallow perimeter band that can be used for smaller portions of color.

Item Specs

Mijello is a trademark.

Item Specs

Ellipse–S 7¾" × 10½" × ¾" 20 cm × 27 cm × 2 cm
Ellipse–XL 12½" × 17" × 1" 32 cm × 43 cm × 2.5 cm