Manuscript Callicreative Lettering Pencil


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Callicreative Lettering Pencil - Pencil, Leads, and Sharpening stone shown upright

This versatile clutch-style pencil allows calligraphers and other artists to enjoy the flexibility of graphite while creating their calligraphy and lettering projects. The Manuscript Callicreative Lettering Pencil comes with six black leads (four flat and two round), and a sharpening stone (with ...

Item #: 04880-1001
Description: Callicreative Lettering Pencil
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Item Specs

Round Lead Dimensions
0.19"W × 3.54"L4.8 mm × 90 mm
Flat Lead Dimensions
0.08"W × 3.54"L2 mm × 90 mm


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