Maimeri Painting Varnish

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Painting Varnish
Painting Varnish
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Maimeri Painting Varnish is a fatty varnish that prevents uneven drying, and produces bright tones. It increases the adhesion to the surface and the flexibility of colors.
It is not a final varnish. Use it to even out the finish over areas of a painting that have oiled out and have a matte surface. It may be helpful when a painting is completed over an excessively absorbent ground. Use it sparingly. Unlike a retouching varnish, it is not removable.
It is based on ketonic and acrylic resins, poppyseed oil, and a mineral spirits base. Allow complete drying before applying a final varnish.

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Maimeri is a registered trademark.

Item Specs

Glass Bottle

75 ml

2.5 oz