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M. Graham Artists' Gouache

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M. Graham Artists' Gouache - Azo Yellow, 15 ml tube
M. Graham Artists' Gouache - Azo Yellow, 15 ml tube
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Based mostly on single pigment colors, this small line of opaque watercolor gouache is a professional's dream. Every color is dense, rich, and highly pigmented. No fillers, opacifiers, or adulterants alter the nature of the colors. In the 18th and 19th centuries, French artists like Boucher, Watteau, and Chardin often worked in gouache, while the English favored transparent watercolor. Now M. Graham has bridged two cultures with a new line of gouache that is based on the same pigments as its watercolor formulas. The opaque matte finish can stand alone, or be combined with transparent watercolor to create permanent works of art. In addition to gum arabic, which is used as a binder in all other professional gouaches, M. Graham adds pure natural honey. Honey prevents cracking and increases flow and moistness.

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M. Graham is a registered trademark.

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15 ml ½ oz
59 ml 2 oz