Liquitex Professional Spray Paint


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Liquitex Professional Spray Paint - Uncapped Brilliant Blue 400 ml Can

Combining artist-grade pigments with revolutionary waterbased technology, Liquitex Professional Spray Paint offers color brilliance, lightfastness, and durability in a unique low odor formulation. This spray paint is suitable for studio and outdoor use and is versatile enough for use on almost any s...

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Item Specs

Can Size400 ml14 oz


pdf documentTo view a PDF showing Liquitex Spray Paint Use and Care, please click here.

Guidelines for preventing caps from clogging

Liquitex Professional Spray Paint is made with artist-quality pigments and is waterbased, making it very low odor compared to high-solvent spray paints. Therefore it should be noted that a waterbased acrylic spray can clog a bit more easily than a high-solvent can when precautions are not taken. Please follow a few simple guidelines to prevent caps from clogging.

  • Shake the can very well before use (approximately 2-3 minutes) and continue to shake the can regularly while using.
  • When finished working, turn the can upside down and spray until the output runs clear. Then wipe the cap opening and replace the cap.
  • When finished with a particular can, it can help to wipe the cap, pull it off, and keep it in a bowl of water until needed again — this does a great job of preventing clogs.
  • If your cap is still clogging, you can soak it in warm, soapy water. However please remember that spray caps are not meant to last indefinitely.
  • If a cap does clog, do not continue pressing as this will cause a buildup. If this should occur, remove the cap and clear the well underneath the cap with water. Using a fat cap should then clear everything properly.


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