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Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylics

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Acrylic Starter Set
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Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylics are made to have an exceptionally smooth, thick, buttery consistency, ideal for traditional art techniques that employ brushes and painting knives, as well as experimental, mixed-media, collage, and printmaking applications. A high pigment load produces rich, brilliant, permanent color, combined with good surface drag that provides excellent handling and blending characteristics with increased open working time. When used for thick and impasto applications and techniques, Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics retain crisp brushstrokes and knife marks. Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics remain flexible when dry, and thick films remain free of cracks and chips over time. Liquitex also offers seven Cadmium-Free Colors  finally, an alternative to cadmium colors that measures up. This innovative line delivers the same performance, vibrancy, and lightfastness as genuine cadmiums, but without the potential hazards. These paints were developed over a three-year period and underwent rigorous lab tests and artist trials to ensure they were truly equivalent. Cadmium-Free Heavy Body Acrylics are certified AP non-toxic.

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Liquitex is a registered trademark.

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Tube 59 ml 2 oz
Tube 138 ml 4.65 oz
Tube 207 ml 7 oz
Pint Jar 473 ml 16 oz
Quart Jar 946 ml 32 oz


Liquitex developed its Heavy Body color line after their Soft Body colors (the first fine artist's acrylic sold commercially in the United States) were already well established. With the highest pure pigment load, Liquitex delivers improved opacity, permanency, lightfastness, and tinting strength.

All lines of Liquitex acrylics have been formulated with a clear resin that brings out the maximum brilliance and clarity of each pigment. Colors dry without becoming milky or significantly darker. Paints are flexible when dry to allow built up surfaces to remain free from cracks and chips, one of the many characteristics that makes them ideal for impasto techniques.

All colors are formulated to dry within a tight satin sheen range. This reduces the problem of colors drying with different surface sheens (i.e. gloss, satin, matte, etc.) depending on pigment type. It enhances the visual clarity of the finished painting and eliminates unwanted glare spots. Colors are resistant to ultra-violet light.

The paints are less sticky when wet, for smoother blending and brushstrokes, and less tacky when dry, even in humid weather. Drying time has been extended 20% for easier blending and longer "open" time. Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics allow greater versatility of technique compared to other media, making them America's #1 choice for brush or knife painting, mixed media, printmaking, and collage.

Liquitex colors have little odor, are nonflammable, and produce no fumes. They use non-toxic thinners and mediums. Do not mix with turpentine or oil paints. Mix only with other acrylic emulsion paints or mediums.