Lineco Frame Sealing Tape

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Sealing Tape, Grey
Sealing Tape, Grey
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Protect artwork by sealing backing boards to frames. Lineco Frame Sealing Tape provides an effective framing barrier for raw wood rabbets, fillets, and filler boards. Acid-free, lignin-free buffered paper is laminated to a thin aluminum barrier layer and coated with an aggressive acrylic adhesive that holds strong to raw wood. The layer of aluminum provides a barrier that stops acid migration and meets the standard for maximum preservation framing. This pressure-sensitive tape attaches firmly to almost any surface, and conforms well to most surface irregularities. It is manufactured from an exclusive Perma/Seal label stock with a foil layer, a non-yellowing, permanent acrylic adhesive and coated to match Lineco's Frame Backing Paper. Also provides an effective barrier for the rabbets of wooden frames.

Lineco is a registered trademark.