Laguna Pacifica Glyde Torc 400

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Pacifica Glyde Torc 400
Pacifica Glyde Torc 400
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From the heavy, 13" (33 cm) machined aluminum head to the welded steel frame with durable molded top, the Pacifica Glyde Torc 400 gives you long lasting quality.
Pacifica's GT400 may not be indestructible, but it's close. The steel frame is engineered to give maximum strength and rigidity without adding unnecessary weight. The steel legs are 2" (5 cm) in diameter and have protective plastic feet. They're welded to the frame and bolted to the heavy duty, one-piece, vacuum formed, laminated table top.
Pacifica's large table gives you a great work area. Widely spaced, sturdy steel legs create an untippable unit. It maximizes your work space without adding unnecessary materials and weight to your wheel  important when considering shipping costs and transportation of your wheel. GT400 also comes with a durable two-piece, vacuum formed splash pan, which is easy to install, remove, and clean.
The GT400's powerful ½ HP electric motor and polyurethane belt drive system whisper under any working conditions, thanks to two stages of motor vibration isolation, and a huge electronic capacitor. It has four separate polyurethane belts, which transmit more than enough torque to throw 80 lbs of clay (36 kg). The GT400 delivers high torque even at slow speeds. A push button circuit breaker, instead of inconvenient fuses, protects the motor from overheating.
Pacifica's custom designed load sensor increases the drive current in exact proportion to the load on the clay, thereby providing constant speed from 0 to 260 plus RPM. You can even set a separate maximum speed adjustment between 200 and 300 RPM. Its finely tuned controller assures smooth rotation at all speeds, including in reverse. Change speeds smoothly, even in the slow speed ranges.
Warranty   Laguna Clay Company provides a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty against defects in workmanship and parts.

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