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Krylon Gallery Series Conservation Retouch Varnish

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Conservation Retouch Varnish
Conservation Retouch Varnish
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Krylon Conservation Retouch Varnish unifies the painting surface for accurate color comparison, while temporarily restoring the gloss of fresh, wet oil colors. It also provides temporary protection for recently completed paintings until a final varnish can be applied. Non-yellowing and transparent, Gloss Conservation Varnish contains UV light absorbers and stabilizers.

Although the varnish dries to touch in 30–35 minutes under normal conditions, wait 24 hours before handling artwork to avoid fingerprints.

Krylon's Gallery Series Artist Sprays and Clear Coatings are sure to become the artist's choice for protecting, preserving, and beautifying works of art.

All Gallery Series products include a powerful combination of Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer (HALS) and an exclusive UV Absorber (UVA) for maximum protection from ultraviolet light, and advanced protection against smudging, smearing, fading, yellowing, cracking, moisture damage, and more.

® Krylon is a registered trademark of the Sherwin-Williams Company.