Klopfenstein Spectrum Vista VS100 Easel


4.8 out of 5 stars
Spectrum Vista VS100 Easel - Angled view of standing easel with mast extended slightly

The Klopfenstein Spectrum Vista Easel provides stability and support for the working artist. The elegant simplicity of this lyre-style easel belies its strength — it is constructed of heavy gauge square steel tubing with welded joints to provide rigid support for your canvas.
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Item #: 50374-1001
Description: Spectrum Vista VS100 Easel
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™ Klopfenstein is a trademark.

Item Specs

Canvas Height77½"197 cm
Max Height91"231 cm
Min Height57¼"145 cm
Base Width25"64 cm
Base Depth21"53 cm
Weight19 lb8.6 kg


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