K&S Metal Rods

K & S

K&S Metal Rods - Brass, 29 Gauge, 12", Pkg of 2

Round out your supply kit with K&S Metal Rods. Made of brass material, these rounded rods can be used for DIY projects, inlays, decorations, and other arts and crafts. Made in the USA.

® K&S is a registered trademark.

Item Specs

Gauge 290.114"0.29 cm
Gauge 241/5"1/2 cm
Gauge 201/32"4/5 cm
Gauge 173/64"0.12 cm
Gauge 141/16"0.16 cm
Gauge 130.072"0.18 cm
Gauge 120.081"1/5 cm
Gauge 113/32"0.24 cm
Gauge 81/8"0.32 cm
Gauge 65/32"2/5 cm
Gauge 53/16"0.47 cm
Gauge 21/4"0.63 cm
Gauge 15/16"4/5 cm
Gauge 03/8"0.95 cm


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