Jacquard Syringes

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Syringes, Pkg of 2, Needle Tip
Syringes, Pkg of 2, Needle Tip
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An excellent tool for all artists, Jacquard Syringes are great for detail work and transferring paint.
Use them to precisely transfer liquids from large to small containers, to quickly measure paints or inks for mixtures without losing material, to apply mediums, paints, and dyes directly to your surface, and more. They hold up to 10 ml of liquid. The tapered tip syringe is made to transfer precise amounts of material into small openings. The needle tip syringe has a removable tapered tip and can accommodate other specialized nozzles (needle not included). Clear plastic Jacquard Syringes are easy to clean and won't leak, even when working with thin liquids. Made in the USA.

Jacquard is a registered trademark.