Indigo Artpapers Flax Blend Watercolor Papers

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Flax Blend Watercolor Paper
Flax Blend Watercolor Paper
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Handcrafted to perfection, every sheet of Indigo Artpapers Flax Blend Watercolor Paper has a unique ruggedness that comes from a blend of 75% cotton and 25% flax (linen) fibers. A favorite of artists of all ages and skill levels, this cotton/flax blend paper is suitable for use with all waterbased media. Cotton ensures durability, and the inclusion of flax makes it an unusually tough working sheet. Every 22" × 30" cold press sheet is acid-free, internally and externally sized, and has four natural deckle edges and a watermark. Indigo Artpapers Flax Blend Watercolor Paper is produced using a 360 Degree environmentally friendly process. No chlorine, bleach, or harmful chemicals are used in its manufacture.

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