HomeRight Spray Shelters


HomeRight Spray Shelters - Front view of small assembled shelter
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HomeRight Spray Shelters - Front view of small assembled shelter

Spray paint projects just got less messy. The HomeRight Spray Shelter provides a dedicated space for painting with spray cans or paint sprayers, effectively reducing overspray drift — no more paint on you, your floors, or other items in the area. It also helps keep dust and debris off your pro...


Item Specs

Small Spray Shelter
Depth 30" 76 cm
Width 36" 91 cm
Height 39" 99 cm
Weight 1.4 lb 0.6 kg
Bag/Folded Size 17" Diam 43 cm

Medium Spray Shelter
Depth 56" 142 cm
Width 55" 140 cm
Height 66" 168 cm
Weight 5 lb 2.3 kg
Bag/Folded Size 24" Diam 61 cm


Large Spray Shelter
Depth at Top 30" 76 cm
Depth at Bottom 72" 183 cm
Width at Top 92" 234 cm
Width at Bottom 102" 259 cm
Height 66½" 169 cm
Weight 7.5 lb 3.4 kg
Suggested Drop Cloth Size 12 ft × 15 ft 366 cm × 457 cm


pdf documentTo view a PDF of folding instructions for the Small Shelter, please click here.


pdf documentTo view a pdf of assembly instructions for the Large Shelter, please click here.


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