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Holbein Vernét Superior Artists' Oil Colors

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The color chemists at Holbein took a decade to develop Vernét Superior Artists' Oils, with the stated objective of creating the most advanced artists' oil color ever produced. With a range of 40 remarkably strong, beautiful, and stable colors, the Vernét line is truly the dream palette of tomorrow's great masters. Vernét's innovation lies in its technology. It differs fundamentally from other artists' oils in that the grain diameter of the pigment is roughly half the size of standard line equivalents. This produces a remarkable color depth and vibrancy. With such a fine pigment grain, light is reflected more evenly without being scattered, resulting in an almost transparent luminosity and beauty. Made with pure, single pigments and finest-quality , refined linseed oil (the only exception being Silver White Poppy, made with poppy oil), Vernét colors offer outstanding adhesion, tinting strength, durability, smoothness, and lightfastness. They produce clean, non-muddy results when mixed.

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Holbein is a registered trademark.

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