Holbein Acrylic Ink


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Holbein Acrylic Ink - Front of 30 Ml Yellow Ochre Bottle

Offering the same pigment strength as Holbein Heavy Body Acrylics and Fluid Acrylics, Holbein Acrylic Ink has a much lower viscosity. Use it to create bold, brilliant color with a brush, airbrush, dip pen, technical, or refillable marker, and It will not clog a 0.1 mm aperture. It can also be u...

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Item Specs

Color Index per Color

Bamboo Green - PY3, PG7

Burnt Sienna - PBr7

Burnt Umber - PBr7

Cobalt Blue - PB28

Dioxazine Purple - PV23

Greenish Yellow - PY129, PY154

Hansa Yellow - PY1

Hansa Yellow Lemon - PY3

Hooker's Green - PG8

Imidazolone Brown - PBr25

Imidazolone Yellow - PY154

Indanthrene Blue - PB60

Isoinodolinone Yellow - PY110

Lamp Black - PBk7

Luminous Lemon - SY44

Luminous Opera - BR1, BV11

Mauve - PR122, PB60

Naphthol Red Deep - PR146, PR122

Naphthol Red Light - PR9

Nickel Azo Yellow - PY1

Oxide of Chromium - PG17

Pearl Gold - PW20

Pearl Silver - PW20

Pearl White - PW20

Phthalo Blue - PB15

Phthalo Green - PG7

Phtalo Turquoise - PB16

Primary Black - PBk7

Primary Cyan - PB15

Primary Magenta - PR122

Primary White - PW6

Primary Yellow - PY138

Pyrrole Orange - O73

Pyrrole Red - PR2564

Quinacridone Crimson - PV19, PO48

Quinacridone Gold - PO48, PY150

Quinacridone Magenta - PR122

Quinacridone Red - PV19

Raw Sienna - PY42, PBk11

Raw Umber - PY42, PR101, PBk11

Sap Green - PY150, PR122, PG7

Sepia - PBr7, PBk7

Shadow Green - PBk31

Super Opaque Black - PBk7

Super Opaque White - PW6

Titanium White - PW6

Ultramarine Blue - PB29

Viridian Hue - PG7, PBk31

Yellow Ochre - PY24


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