Hamelin 1 Subject Notebooks

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1 Subject Notebook
1 Subject Notebook
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Serious students deserve a serious notebook. That's why Hamelin created the next-generation 1 Subject Notebook. These versatile notebooks contain 150 pages (75 sheets) of bright white Optik paper that measures 8½" × 11" when removed at the micro-perforation. The ultra-smooth, 90 gsm paper is sized to resist bleedthrough so you can use both sides of every sheet. What's more, every page features tags that are compatible with the free Scribzee app so you can scan, save, sort, organize, and share your notes. Forgot your notebook? No worries! With Scribzee, you can access your notes wherever, whenever! Available in a range of colors, the Hamelin 1 Subject Notebook is super durable, with tear-resistant front and back covers, double-wire binding, extra-large double pockets, and customizable labels.