Guerrilla Painter Watercolorboard

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Watercolorboard, Quarter
Watercolorboard, Quarter
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This high quality device is designed to tightly stretch 140 lb to 300 lb watercolor paper. When screws on the edge of the board are tightened, tension is placed on the outside edges of the paper. After drying, the paper will stay flat, with no buckling during wet washes. The watercolorboard can be attached to a tripod using the universal mount on the base. It is made of extruded aluminum and hardboard with a comfortable carrying handle.

Item Specs

® Guerrilla Painter is a registered trademark.

Item Specs

Quarter, Size

11" × 15"

28 cm × 5638 cm

Half, Weight

4.2 lbs

1.9 kg

Half, Size

15" × 22"

38 cm × 56 cm

Half, Weight

5 lbs

2 kg

Full, Size

22" × 30"

56 cm × 76 cm

Full, Weight

8 lbs

4 kg


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