Grumbacher Oil Painting Mediums

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Grumbacher Alkyd Oil Painting Medium - 2.5 oz bottle
Grumbacher Alkyd Oil Painting Medium - 2.5 oz bottle
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For hundreds of years the world has marveled at the works of art created by the "Old Masters" during the Renaissance. Not only did their achievements arise from training and talent, but also from the techniques they used in preparing their materials. It wasnt until the 20th century that some of these formulas were rediscovered. Grumbacher has continued this tradition in the manufacture of its painting mediums, by assuring that the original paint attributes are enhanced, not compromised, by their use. Grumbacher mediums thicken or thin paints without harming their adhesive, binding, or film-forming qualities, and allow artists to achieve myriad effects such as increased flow and rapid or slow drying. They also have been proven to guard against yellowing and cracking over the course of many generations.

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Grumbacher is a registered trademark of Chartpak.

Item Specs

2.5 oz 74 ml
5 oz 150 ml
8 oz 237 ml
16 oz 473 ml
32 oz 946 ml
11 oz 311 g
11.25 oz 318 g