Grumbacher Max Artists' Water Miscible Oil Paints


Grumbacher Max Artists' Water Miscible Oil Paints
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Grumbacher Max Artists' Water Miscible Oil Paints
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Grumbacher's Max Oil Paints are identical to conventional oil colors, with one major difference — Max Oils thin and clean up with water. With Max Oils, there is no need for special brush cleaners, turpentine, or mineral spirits.
Max Grumbacher's professional-quality, water mixable oi...

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Item Specs

All colors are non-toxic, except the following: Cadmium-Barium Orange, Cadmium-Barium Deep Red, Cadmium-Barium Red Light, Cadmium-Barium Red Medium, Cadmium-Barium Vermilion, Cadmium-Barium Yellow Deep, Cadmium-Barium Yellow Light, Cadmium-Barium Yellow Medium, Cadmium-Barium Yellow Orange, Cadmium-Barium Yellow Pale, Cerulean Blue, Chromium Oxide Green, Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Titanate Blue, Cobalt Turquoise, Diarylide Yellow, Dioxazine Purple, Flesh Hue, Green Earth Hue, Naples Yellow Hue, Nickel Titanium Yellow, Permanent Green Light, Perylene Maroon, Thalo Blue, Thalo Yellow Green, Titanium White, Viridian, Zinc White, and Zinc Yellow Hue.


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