Grex Tritium Series Airbrush Combo Kits

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Airbrush Combo Kit
Airbrush Combo Kit
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Whether you're new to airbrushing or looking to upgrade your current equipment, these ready-to-go airbrush systems from Grex contain all the essentials you need a premium Tritium Series airbrush in your choice of top or side gravity feed, a quiet mini compressor, and the airbrushing access...

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Item Specs

Airbrush Weight 6.4 oz 0.2 kg
Airbrush Length 6¼" 16 cm
Tritium TG Reservoir 2 ml 1/20 oz
Tritium TG Reservoir 7 ml ¼ oz
Tritium TG Reservoir 15 ml ½ oz
Tritium TS Reservoir 7 ml ¼ oz
Tritium TS Reservoir 15 ml ½ oz
Tritium TS Reservoir 30 ml 1 oz