Grex Genesis Ergonomic Airbrushes

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Ergonomic Airbrush
Ergonomic Airbrush
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Grex Genesis Ergonomic Airbrushes are the most comfortable and versatile airbrushes in the Grex line. They are set apart by Grex's exclusive, patent-pending Ergonomic Airbrush Grip Set, a two-piece system that easily slips over the main body and trigger. Made of a silicon-based polymer that's impervious to most solvents, it's soft enough to relieve your finger and hand pressure points, yet firm enough to provide structure and improve handling. To ensure consistent performance, precision machining and carefully selected materials are employed in the manufacturing of Grex Genesis Ergonomic Airbrushes. They feature a stainless steel nozzle and needle, and a durable heavy nickel chrome-plated housing with an easy-to-clean design. The feel is very responsive due to the short passageway from cup to nozzle. Internally mixed for improved atomization, these airbrushes accept all mediums from airbrush paints, acrylics, dyes, watercolors, inks, and gouache to oil colors, urethanes, enamels, and lacquers.

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