Golden Open Acrylic Paints and Sets

Golden is a registered trademark of Golden Artist Colors.

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Color Mixing Modern Theory Set  Outside of Package
Color Mixing Modern Theory Set Outside of Package
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Golden Open Acrylics offer an escape from the studio, allowing acrylic artists to experience the warm sun and fresh spring breeze of plein air painting.
This is a professional line of colors and mediums formulated with a unique, relaxed set of working properties that stay wet longer, even in ou...

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Item Specs

Tube 59 ml 2 oz
Jar 118 ml 4 oz
Tube 150 ml 5 oz
Jar 237 ml 8 oz
Quart Jar 946 ml 32 oz


The GOLDEN MXR (Virtual Paint Mixer) is a tool which allows the artist to virtually experiment with and explore color options within the GOLDEN palette.

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