Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors

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Introductory Set with Panel
Introductory Set with Panel
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Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors are crafted by hand with the well-being of artists, their work, and the environment in mind. True to historic working properties, yet safer and more permanent, they combine the best traditions of the past with the latest technical innovations, giving you the freedom to create without compromise. Made with the finest grades of pigment available (yes, there are differences), Gamblin Artist's Oils have luscious working properties, and each color possesses unique characteristics in terms of texture, undertone, and tinting strength. The range of colors includes both historically accurate paints and modern, synthetically derived hues. For everything from traditional realism to contemporary abstraction, you'll find your ideal colors within the Gamblin line. All Gamblin Artist's Oil Paints are completely non-toxic when used as recommended. Most are made with alkali-refined linseed oil as a binder, which creates a strong, flexible paint film and yellows significantly less than cold press linseed oil, the traditional binder in oil paints. Select colors use safflower oil as a binder. Not only are these vegetable oils completely non-toxic, they are commonly used in health and beauty products, so you can trust in their safety.

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Artists can paint solvent—free with all Gamblin Artist’s Colors by mixing them with Gamblin’s Solvent-Free Gel Medium or with moderate amounts of Gamblin Refined Linseed Oil. For cleaning your brushes consider using Gamblin’s Gamsol Solvent, the safest artist’s solvent available. Or, simply wipe away excess paint from the bristles, work in a bit of Gamblin Refined Linseed Oil, then follow with water and soap or a brush cleaner.