Fuseworks Beginner's Fusing Kit


3.5 out of 5 stars
Fuseworks Beginner's Fusing Kit - Components of Kit shown

Learn to fuse stunning glass projects right in your microwave with this all-inclusive Beginner's Fusing Kit.
The Fuseworks Beginner's Fusing Kit includes the following materials:

  • Fuseworks microwave kiln
  • 2" × 3" Kiln paper, 2 pieces
  • COE 90 Fusible glass assortment, 7 pieces ...

Item #: 61907-1009
Description: Beginner's Fusing Kit
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Item Specs

Microwave Kiln
Height3¼"8 cm
Depth4½"11 cm
Interior Fusing Platform2¾"7 cm


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