Fredrix Archival Watercolor Canvas Boards

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Join the Fredrix revolution! This innovative 100% cotton artist canvas combines the texture of a natural, woven fabric with a specially formulated gesso designed for all water-based paints. Exciting to create on, it delivers a unique look that can only be captured on canvas, with superb lifting ability for easy washes and corrections.
It's versatile and durable too  frame it with or without glass  it won't buckle or tear like paper. Scratch or scrape it for unique effects, staple or rewet it without damaging the canvas. Archival boards are mounted on rigid, non-warping hardboard core.

Item Specs

Fredrix is a registered trademark.

Item Specs

8" × 10"

20 cm × 25 cm

9" × 12"

23 cm × 30 cm

11" × 14"

28 cm × 36 cm

16" × 20"

41 cm × 51 cm

18" × 24"

46 cm × 61 cm


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