Fletcher MultiMaster Framer's Point Driver

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MultiMaster Framer's Point Driver
MultiMaster Framer's Point Driver
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Fletcher's MultiMaster uses new MultiPoints for framing. MultiPoints's extremely tight bend angle allows flush fitting to the frame for quick and easy removal of even the tightest fitting glass, artwork, and matboard. The points feature a unique twin barb design with 50% more rigidity. The A-Frame shape of the points increases their overall strength, while the points themselves increase surface coverage by over 40%. This reinforces holding power, therefore reducing the number of points required for each frame by 20%. MultiPoints penetrate deeply into all types of wood, displaying excellent performance in hardwoods. This point driver is excellent for attaching stretched canvases and liner moldings, by firing a point into the liner and attaching it to the frame with a screw. The driver has tension adjustment so that its firing power can be modified based on the density of the wood. The easy-to-load magazine holds approximately 167 points, firing one at a time without feeding or jamming. A rear stabilizer stands it upright. The ergonomically designed rubber grip handle eliminates hand fatigue and increases comfort and ease of use. MultiPoints can also be used as hangers for frames up to 5 lb (2.2 kg). Note   Points are not included. Order separately.

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