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Fireworks Beginner's Essentials Glass Beadmaking Kit

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Glass Bead Making Kit
Glass Bead Making Kit
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Make your own gorgeous glass beads in your studio, home, or classroom with the Fireworks Beginner's Essentials Glass Beadmaking Kit. It contains a wide array of materials, essential tools, and an instructional DVD that make the process simple and fun. The kit is built around the revolutionary Fireworks Quick-Light Torch, a self-igniting torch that eliminates fuel flow interruptions  ideal for beginners just learning the art. With a pencil-point tip, an anti-clog filter, and simple push button operation, the easy-dial valve assembly lets you customize the size of the flame. The four-point oxygen intake provides truer, more vibrant bead color results. In addition to this torch, the kit also includes a heat-resistant, "easy stow" work surface, which provides ample work space when open then effortlessly collapses storage.
Also included are the following items:

15, 104COE Glass rods 12 Stainless steel mandrels Protective eyewear Bead reamer Bead rake Dotted texturizing marver Grooved texturizing marver Canister holder Bead release Mandrel scrubber Fiber blanket (for cooling beads) Instructional booklet
Instructional DVD