E-Z Fit Markerboard Panels

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Cover up those old, scratched boards! E-Z Fit Panels premium markerboards are designed to be installed over existing chalkboards and markerboards. The pre-drilled holes and 1" self-tapping screws make installation easy. E-Z Fit Panels are made of steel with a durable, low-gloss coating that provides a surface for smooth writing and easy cleaning, and also makes an excellent, non-glare projection surface. Comes with a 50-year manufacturer's warranty. Install E-Z Fit Panels in just a few simple steps: Step 1 is to measure the portion of the board to be covered, including the trim. Measure from side to side and from the top of the trim to the top of the tray. Step 2 is to clean the surface of the existing board to be covered. Some installations, based on overall size, will require adhesive. Step 3 is to position the E-Z Fit Panel over the existing board, resting on the tray. Step 4 is to screw through the pre-drilled holes in the E-Z Fit Panel frame, using the provided 1" self-tapping screws.

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