Duncan Crackles Glazes

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Crackles Glaze, Celadon
Crackles Glaze, Celadon
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Duncan Crackles Glazes are specially formulated to create cracks that look like crazing on handmade ceramic pieces. The result is a beautiful and distinctive aged look.
Apply two coats of Crackles Glaze to Cone 04 bisque, then fire to Cone 06. The crackle pattern will appear as the kiln cools, and continue to appear after the piece has been removed from the kiln. The crazed effect can be enhanced by applying India ink or thinned acrylic color with a soft cloth after firing. Duncan Crackles Glazes are non-toxic but not food safe. All Crackles Glazes, except for Celadon, are overglaze compatible.

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