Diversified Spaces Adaptable Drawing Tables

Diversified Spaces

Diversified Spaces Adaptable Drawing Tables - Left angle view of single-station version

Fully adjustable in both height and tilt, Diversified Spaces Adaptable Drawing Tables adapt with ease to meet the creative needs of professionals, teachers, and students, from elementary school age to adult.
All three models feature sturdy powder-coated metal legs that adjust from 27¾...

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Item Specs

Overall Dimensions
Width (Table Top)30”76.2 cm
Length (Table Top)60"152.4 cm
Maximum Height39"99.06 cm
Minimum Height27.75"70.485 cm
Base Width28”71.12 cm
Base Length20"50.8 cm
Adjustment Angle (Table Top)0-30°
Weight147 lbs66.68 kg

ALTD - 1
Adjustable Side
Width30"76.2 cm
Length42"106.7 cm
Fixed Side
Width30"76.2 cm
Length18"45.7 cm

ALTD - 2
Adjustable Sides
Width30"76.2 cm
Length30"76.2 cm

ALTD - 3
Adjustable Sides
Width24"61 cm
Length30"76.2 cm


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