Darice Unfinished Wood Shapes


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Darice Unfinished Wood Shapes
Darice Unfinished Wood Shapes
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Unfinished Wood Shapes offer the perfect blank canvas for a personalized DIY wall hanging or an artful knickknack propped up on a shelf. The fully customizable, unfinished wood cutouts can be easily embellished with paint, jewels, pom poms, glitter, and more. All shapes, except the unicorn and ra...

Darice is a registered trademark.

Item Specs

Butterfly 8-1/2"H × 11-1/2"W 22 cm × 29 cm
Crescent Moon 10-1/2"H × 8-1/2"W 27 cm × 22 cm
Rainbow 6-3/8"H × 16"W 16 cm × 41 cm
Star 10"H × 10"W 25 cm × 25 cm
Unicorn 11-1/2"H × 12"W 29 cm × 31 cm