Daniel Smith Masking Fluid

Daniel Smith

3.6 out of 5 stars
Daniel Smith Masking Fluid - Front of Capped bottle shown with 5 drawing tips

Manufactured by Daniel Smith to the highest standards, Daniel Smith Masking Fluid flows easily, offers great coverage, and can be pulled cleanly from all watercolor surfaces as long as month or more after application.

This masking fluid may be applied with a brush or straight from the bottle. ...

Item #: 02124-1001
Description: Daniel Smith Masking Fluid
Size: 1 oz
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CL Cautionary Label

Products bearing the CL seal of The Art & Creative Materials Institute (“Caution Label”) contain ingredients that are toxic or hazardous, but can still be safely used in controlled environments if directions on the container or packaging are followed. See Health and Safety for further information.

® Daniel Smith is a registered trademark.



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