Cretacolor Teacher's Choice Sets

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Cretacolor Teacher's Choice Sets
Cretacolor Teacher's Choice Sets
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These essential sets of drawing materials were created with the input of more than 500 art teachers across the U.S. Intended for students and professionals, these sets contain an assortment of graphite and charcoal pencils, artist's chalk, compressed charcoal, and other essentials. For specifi...

Cretacolor is a registered trademark.

Item Specs

Drawing 101, 10 Pieces

  • Sepia drawing pencil
  • Sanguine drawing pencil
  • White chalk drawing pencil
  • Oil charcoal pencil
  • Soft charcoal pencil
  • Medium charcoal pencil
  • Hard charcoal pencil
  • HB Graphite pencil
  • 2B Graphite pencil
  • 4B Graphite pencil
  • Blending stump


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