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Crafter's Cut Pre-Cut Glass Mosaic Tiles

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Basic Assortment
Basic Assortment
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Crafter's Cut mosaic tiles are pre-cut, irregularly shaped glass tiles that are designed for easy application and don't require nipping. Perfect for mosaic crafters and experienced mosaic artists alike, the coloring of each tile allows light to pass through it from the top and sides.
Individual tiles are expertly hand-cut, carefully painted on the backside with the tile's corresponding color, and packaged in tonal color families and harmonious assortments. Each tile ranges in size between 3/4" and 3/8" wide. All are 3/16" thick.
For purposes of project planning, a 16 oz (1 lb) assortment holds approximately 192 tiles, which will cover approximately 0.7 sq ft. Approximately 360 tiles are required to cover a 1 sq ft area. Pieces made with Crafter's Cut Pre-Cut Glass Mosaic Tiles can be used outside only when assembled with waterproof adhesive and waterproof grout sealer.

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