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The choice of professionals worldwide, the Copic marker offers outstanding performance in all areas of design and illustration. Two versatile tips produce a range of strokes from fine lines to wide color fills. The roll-proof flat barrel is filled with alcohol based ink for a long life. Copic Sketch Markers are perfect for cartoon illustration, as well as fashion design. The Copic Sketch marker has a brush nib and a broad nib. Fast-drying, permanent, non-toxic, and toner compatible. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.

Color Chart Note - Color charts represent approximations of the real color. Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, colors may appear slightly different on different computer screens. Shipping Note - Due to manufacturer distribution restrictions, Copic products cannot be shipped to addresses outside of North America. Pricing Note - everydaysale Items with the Blick Best Price icon on this page are not eligible for additional discounts due to pricing restrictions set by the manufacturer. Set Contents - Please refer to the Item Specs tab of this page for a complete listing of set contents. Sort by Color Number note - To sort colors by their manufacturer number, click on the No. column header.

Item Specs

Copic is a registered trademark of Copic Marker.

Item Specs

Blending Trio 1, Set of 3

  • G40S Dim Green
  • G94S Greyish Olive
  • G99S Olive


Blending Trio 2, Set of 3

  • B12S Ice Blue
  • B14S Light Blue
  • B18S Lapiz Lazuli


Blending Trio 3, Set of 3

  • RV63S Begonia
  • RV66S Raspberry
  • RV69S Peony


Blending Trio 4, Set of 3

  • R12S Light Tea Rose
  • R14S Light Rouge
  • R17S Lipstick Orange


Blending Trio 5, Set of 3

  • Y00S Barium Yellow
  • Y13S Lemon Yellow
  • Y18S Lightning Yellow


Blending Trio 6, Set of 3

  • E95S Tea Orange
  • E97S Deep Orange
  • E99S Baked Clay


Blending Trio 7, Set of 3

  • E70S Ash Rose
  • E74S Cocoa Brown
  • E79S Cashew


Color Fusion 1, Set of 3

  • V20S Wisteria
  • V22S Ash Lavender
  • V25S Pale Blackberry


Color Fusion 2, Set of 3

  • RV000S Pale Purple
  • RV52S Cotton Candy
  • RV55S Hollyhock


Color Fusion 3, Set of 3

  • E04SLipstick Natural
  • R56S Currant
  • R59S Cardinal


Color Fusion 4, Set of 3

  • YR20S Yellowish Shade
  • YR23S Yellow Ochre
  • YR27S Tuscan Orange


Color Fusion 5, Set of 3

  • G40S Dim Green
  • G43S Pistachio
  • G46S Mistletoe


Color Fusion 6, Set of 3

  • B01S Mint Blue
  • B04S Tahitian Blue
  • B06S Peacock Blue


Blending Basics Set of 6 Markers

  • 0S Colorless Blender
  • N1S Neutral Gray 1
  • B0000S Pale Celestine
  • RV10S Pale Pink
  • Y0000S Yellow Fluorite
  • Multiliner SP Black 0.3


Bold Primaries Set of 6 Markers

  • 100S Black
  • E29S Burnt Umber
  • R27S Cadmium Red
  • Y15S Cadmium Yellow
  • G28S Ocean Green
  • B29S Ultramarine


Earth Essentials Set of 6 Markers

  • YG13S Chartreuse
  • YG17S Grass Green
  • E39S Leather
  • E34S Toast
  • B41S Powder Blue
  • B45S Smoky Blue


Floral Favorites I Set of 6 Markers

  • YG45S Cobalt Green
  • V05S Azalea
  • G000S Pale Green
  • RV69S Peony
  • R01S Pinkish Vanilla
  • RV13S Tender Pink


Floral Favorites II Set of 6 Markers

  • B66S Clematis
  • YR21S Cream
  • RV29S Crimson
  • RV25S Dog Rose Flower
  • B63S Light Hydrangea
  • RV23S Pure Pink


Pale Pastels Set of 6 Markers

  • BG15S Aqua
  • YR31S Light Reddish Yellow
  • YR12S Loquat
  • BG11S Moon White
  • BV0000S Pale Thistle
  • BV01S Viola


Perfect Primaries Set of 6 Markers

  • R43S Bougainvillea
  • B00S Frost Blue