Clover Stitch Markers


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Clover Stitch Markers - 4 Jumbo stitch markers shown open and closed

Clover Stitch Markers are an essential tool for knitting and crocheting projects. Use them to mark a certain number of stitches, increases or decreases in your pattern, the beginning of a round, and more. Flexible and light, they're available in a variety of sizes. Bright colors make them easy to...

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Item Specs

Jumbo Locking Stick Markers
Closed Length1-3/16"3.01 cm
Closed Width5/8"1.6 cm


Locking Stick Markers
Closed Length7/8"2.22 cm
Closed Width15/32"1.2 cm


Soft Stitch Ring Markers
Large Diameter9/16"1.4 cm
Small Diameter13/32"1.03 cm