Chromacryl Acrylic Essentials

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Chromacryl Acrylic Essentials - Cool Red, Pint
Chromacryl Acrylic Essentials - Cool Red, Pint
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Chromacyl's Acrylic Essentials were developed for the middle school teacher. They have good solubility, intense color, and rich consistency for painting, printing, sculpture. Note   Due to manufacturer changes, packaging may be different but the actual product will remain the same.

Color Chart Note - Color charts represent approximations of the real color. Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, colors may appear slightly different on different computer screens.

Item Specs

Chroma is a registered trademark.

Item Specs


6.76 oz

200 ml

Pint Bottle

16 oz

473 ml

Half Gallon Bottle

64 oz

1.9 L