Chroma Archival Oils Mediums

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Chroma Archival Oils Flow Gel Medium
Chroma Archival Oils Flow Gel Medium
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The healthier alternative! Archival Odorless Mediums and Solvents evaporate much more slowly than turpentines, resulting in a minimum of vapor during painting sessions. Archival Mediums are based on fast-drying alkyd resins, which outperform "traditional" mediums and are healthier to use...

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Tube 40 ml 1.4 oz
Bottle 100 ml 3.4 oz
Bottle 500 ml 16.9 oz


Health and Mediums — Oil paints are relatively non-hazardous when used by themselves. The main reason why artists develop allergic reactions to oil painting is not because of the paints but because of the toxicity of traditional mediums, which evaporate very quickly, releasing toxic vapors that can cause health issues. As a result, the use of aromatic solvents such as gum or mineral turpentine may adversely affect the health of an artist after years of use. Using toxic solvents and mediums in shared spaces can be compared to passive smoking — ultimately, it's best to avoid these types of solvents.

Archival Mediums use Odorless Solvents with Low Toxicity — Paint companies do not invent odorless solvents — these solvents have been in existence for many years. Supplied by oil companies, they are petrochemicals, with the aromatic fractions removed, making them much less toxic to use than gum turpentine, mineral turpentine, or white spirits. Odorless solvents evaporate at a much slower rate than turpentines, so that very small amounts of vapor are generated during a painting session, a fact that is more important than the lower toxicity itself. Odorless solvents will, however, evaporate over time, and drying racks and work spaces still need to be well-ventilated. Those artists who paint in lofts should not recirculate their studio air into their living and sleeping quarters, as a slow vapor buildup could become toxic over time.

Archival Mediums are Flexible like Archival Oils — Only Archival Mediums should be used with Archival Oils to avoid the creation of brittle layers. When used together, Archival Oils and Archival Mediums offer artists an array of techniques beyond what is possible with "traditional" mediums. The flexibility of Archival Oils when used with Archival Mediums is such that overpainted layers can stretch to accommodate movement as the painting settles down and cures — allowing great freedom of technique. All Archival Mediums (except Classic Medium) are very fast-drying.