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Chroma Archival Oil Colors

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Chroma Archival Oils is a line of professional-quality artists' oil paints that includes an assortment of Series 1 "Gold Series" colors at a student-grade price. The Gold Series completes a mixing palette that is much more highly pigmented and satisfying for students and professors to use in the classroom. All Gold Series colors are denoted in the table below with an asterisk (*) . With a formulation of "perfected consistency" and a rich, buttery texture, Archival Oils appeal to all oil artists, from beginners to experts. When combined with Chroma Archival Odorless Mediums, they dry quickly on the painting, but remain workable on the palette. As Archival paintings dry, cure, and become stable, their surface layers stretch to accommodate movement below, allowing artists to complete their work quickly without harming it, even when complex layering techniques are used. Age-cracking does not occur on paintings created using Archival Oils. Use Chroma Archival Oils with Chroma Archival Odorless Mediums for a healthier and more pleasant working environment.

Color Chart Note - Color charts represent approximations of the real color. Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, colors may appear slightly different on different computer screens.

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Item Specs

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