Chameleon Blendy Pen Sets


Chameleon Blendy Pen Sets
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Chameleon Blendy Pen Sets
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Colors blend IRL (In Real Life), so why shouldn't your pens? Blendy Pens make it easy — just click two pens into the fusion chamber, twist, and create crazy new color blends. Chameleon Blendy Pen Sets include multiple pens, plus fusion chambers that have a peer-in window for previewing your...

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Chameleon is a trademark.

Item Specs

Set of 3

  • Yellow/Dark Red
  • Sea Blue/Signal Green
  • Orange/Purple


Set of 10

  • Peach/Tan
  • Bright Pink/Dark Cherry
  • Lilac/Purple
  • Turquoise/Mid Blue
  • Sea Blue/Royal Blue
  • Light Green/Signal Green
  • Lime Green/Mid Brown
  • Yellow/Orange
  • Dark Yellow/Dark Red
  • Grey/Black