Chameleon Blendy Pen Sets

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Blendy Pens, Set of 3
Blendy Pens, Set of 3
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Colors blend IRL (In Real Life), so why shouldn't your pens? Blendy Pens make it easy just click two pens into the fusion chamber, twist, and create crazy new color blends. Chameleon Blendy Pen Sets include multiple pens, plus fusion chambers that have a peer-in window for previewing your color blends.
For Ages 4+.

Set Contents - Please refer to the Item Specs tab of this page for a complete listing of set contents.

Item Specs

Chameleon is a trademark.

Item Specs

Set of 3

  • Yellow/Dark Red
  • Sea Blue/Signal Green
  • Orange/Purple


Set of 10

  • Peach/Tan
  • Bright Pink/Dark Cherry
  • Lilac/Purple
  • Turquoise/Mid Blue
  • Sea Blue/Royal Blue
  • Light Green/Signal Green
  • Lime Green/Mid Brown
  • Yellow/Orange
  • Dark Yellow/Dark Red
  • Grey/Black