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CAS AlkydPro Fast-Drying Alkyd Oil Colors

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AlkydPro Fast-Drying Alkyd Oil Colors are artist's colors for the 21st century. Because AlkydPro Colors dry much quicker than traditional oil paints (within 20 hours), artists can complete paintings in a fraction of the time. The quick drying time also allows more creative freedom for artists who travel, paint plein air, or work in layers. The binder used in AlkydPro Alkyd Oil Colors is a sunflower oil alkyd resin. Because they contain no linseed oil, AlkydPro Oil Colors won't yellow, crack, or dull over time. At the same time, every color offers a high pigment concentration and the buttery feel that is consistent with professional-quality paints. The high pigment concentration also means that colors are purer, and a larger tube size means paints stretch further, ensuring a better value for the artist. AlkydPro Alkyd Oil Colors are compatible with traditional oils, mediums, mineral spirits, and turpentine, as well as with other alkyds. They also can be used to speed the drying time of oil paints. They contain no fillers, adulterants, or opacifiers. AlkydPro Alkyd Oil Colors dry to a brilliant, flexible finish and retain their color intensity after drying. Made in the USA.

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Item Specs

Tube 70 ml 2.4 oz
Tube 120 ml 4.1 oz
Tube 175 ml 5.9 oz