Brent Wheelchair Accessible Power Wheel #16

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Wheelchair Accessible Power Wheel #16
Wheelchair Accessible Power Wheel #16
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The Brent No. 16 is the only potter's wheel designed specifically for use in rehabilitation programs. This variable speed power wheel is housed in a sturdy steel frame that was designed in coordination with leading rehabilitation and therapy experts. The Brent Model 16 makes throwing on a wheel possible for persons who otherwise would not have the opportunity. It is completely wheelchair-accessible and adjustable so it can also be used with a standard potter's stool or for throwing while standing. This potter's wheel is mobile and adaptable to the needs of every potter. It can easily be rolled into position on hard rubber casters, fitting through any 36" (91 cm) door. The wheel remains stationary during throwing, as four rubber feet raise the casters off the floor to level the wheel and secure it in place. An adjustable crank mechanism adjusts the height of the 12" (31 cm) cast aluminum throwing head from 21" (53.3 cm) to 35" (88.9 cm). Speeds from 0 to 240 rpm can be controlled by the hand lever/foot pedal, which can be placed on the floor or clamped in position on the handy try at the side of the table. The No. 16 features heavy-duty welded steel construction and a modular motor, control box, and foot pedal for ease of use. The wheel operates clockwise and counter-clockwise to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed throwers. The power ½ HP motor allows the user to work with up to 150 lb (68 kg) of clay. Included with the No. 16 is a two-piece , unbreakable polyethylene splash pan, which is easy to remove and clean. Also included is a 12" (31 cm) Plasti-Bat, designed by studio potters to be a versatile, long-lasting, high-quality bat that is virtually indestructible, and will not splinter, delaminate, swell, or shrink. It's easy to clean and impervious to water and most chemicals. It's drilled with bat pin holes that retain their size and shape with extended use. The No. 16 runs on 110V AC household current, drawing up to 6 amps. It includes a 10-year limited warranty. It weighs 287 lb (130 kg).

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Item Specs

® brent is a registered trademark. ® brent Built for Life is a registered trademark.

Item Specs

Throwing Head Diameter 12" 31 cm
Adjustable Height 19½"–34" 50 cm–86 cm
Capacity 150 lb 68 kg
Weight 287 lb 130 kg
Plast-Bat Diameter 12" 31 cm
Plasti-Bat Thickness ¼" 6.4 mm


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