Brent SR-36 Slab Roller

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Slab Roller, Floor Model
Slab Roller, Floor Model
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The Brent SR-36 Slab Roller, designed for efficiency and ease of use, is a rugged workhorse that will stand up to anything your students roll its way.
Built to last, the SR-36 is a large floor model that can produce slabs up to 36"W × 52"L. It features heavy-duty steel pipe construction, a circular handle that moves the roller through a double cable system, and cast iron mounted ball bearings for complete rigidity. Convenient canvas-covered boards make the picking up of rolled slabs easy. The maximum slab thickness that can be produced is 7/8" thick. Three shims are included, one 1/4" plain shim, one 1/4" with canvas shim, and one 1/8" plain shim.
When assembled, the Brent SR-36 Slab Roller measures 49"W × 76"L × 40"H. It has a shipping weight of 706 lb.

Item Specs

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Item Specs



Slab Size



14" × 36"
(36 cm × 91 cm)



20" × 52"
(51 cm × 132 cm)



36" × 52"
(91 cm × 132 cm)