Bob Ross Brush Cleaning System

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Cleaning Screen
Cleaning Screen
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Bob Ross Brush Beater Rack —

Place this rack in the bottom of a rectangular wastebasket 15" to 20" high. After cleaning your brushes, beat them against the Beater Rack and all splashes will be contained in the wastebasket. The Beater Rack is vinyl-coated to protect bristles, and its dimensions are 10¾" long × 5¼" wide × 5¾" high (27 cm × 133 cm × 15 cm).

Bob Ross Brush Cleaner and Conditioner — Maintain the original condition of your Bob Ross brushes by rubbing Bob Ross Brush Cleaner and Conditioner into the bristles. Comes in a 4 oz (118 ml) plastic bottle.

Bob Ross Brush Cleaning Screen —

Place this round screen in the bottom of a coffee can or wide mouth jar and pour in Bob Ross Odorless Thinner. Scrub brushes against the mesh to remove paint. Vinyl-coated to protect bristles. The Cleaning Screen is 4¾" (121 mm) in diameter and 1½" (38 mm) high.

Bob Ross Complete Brush Cleaning System — This system includes the cleaning screen, the beater rack, and odorless thinner, which all come pre-packaged in a shrink-wrapped container.

Bob Ross Odorless Thinner — This is a high-quality, odor-free thinner for oil paints. Bob Ross Odorless Thinner is economical because it can be continually reused in your brush bath with the Bob Ross Cleaning Screen. Comes in a half-gallon plastic container.

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