Blick Professional Acrylic Gesso


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Professional Acrylic Gesso 1 Gallon Bucket

The frugal professional's best choice! Blick Professional Acrylic Gesso offers maximum opacity, tooth, adhesion, and water-resistance, plus the highest concentration of titanium pigment for the brightest white ground. Apply it to raw canvas, wood, hardboard, paper, and other porous surfaces as a ...

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Priming Instructions

Blick Professional Acrylic Gesso is ready to use — no preliminary sizing or sealing is required. Apply it directly to a clean surface with a brush or roller. For best results, dilute the first coat with water or acrylic medium for the best surface penetration. Sand between each application for a smoother ground, allowing gesso to dry thoroughly between coats. Hard, shiny surfaces should be sanded before priming. Clean up with soap and water.


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