Blick Masterstroke Finest Red Sable Brushes

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Back and better than ever, these fine brushes are handmade to our exacting standards and imported solely for Blick. Only the highest-quality brush hair finds its way into Blick Masterstroke Pure Red Sable brushes. Hand-selected and hand-cupped by skilled artisans, this highly resilient hair offers unsurpassed spring, snap, and control. Every brush is hand-glued into a seamless, nickel-plated brass ferrule and securely crimped to a matte black solid wood handle with a distinctive gold tip.

Bright and Flat - A Bright is a short flat brush that absorbs less color and has a stiffer stroke. A Flat is longer than a Bright and is consequently more flexible at the tip. Brush sizes - The length and width of a brush of a given shape and size may vary by manufacturer as brush sizes are not standardized. Since fine art brushes are handmade, expect some variation even among brushes from within a single brush line.

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